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LV Tattoo is the leader in the industry for not only our innovation but also our artistic integrity. We are happy to work with world class tattoo artists. We are open 7 days a week from 10 am to 2 am so stop by any time, no appointment necessary - and we'll take care of you!. But don't just take our word for it. Check out what some of our customers have tos ay about their experience with LV Tattoo!

  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Bryan Gibson

Had this done by Bill Saturday while I was out there. Great work and very nice people in the shop. Second piece I ve had done there and will continue to go back!

Bryan Gibson
  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Dawn Holloway

Went in last night and got an industrial piercing. Very nice and friendly staff.

Dawn Holloway
  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Chad Springfield

Excellent experience. Very clean shop. Great people and Justin is the bomb.

Chad Springfield
  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Chad Almond

This shop is officially my 5 STAR shop away from Home when I m in Vegas!! Have had two tattoos done at this shop. Big Justin is a cool dude and a great artist. Don t hesitate to look him up!! I will be hitting up LV Tattoo next October!!

BTW, Alyssa Molina is one cool gal to shoot the breeze with while waiting around with nothing to do. She made me feel like the most important person in the shop while Big Justin was drawing up my tattoo. Thank you as well Alyssa!!!

LV Tattoo
  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Sima Haigh

I was very happy with Mark s friendliness for my tattoo last night. It was a great experience, and I think he did a wonderful job!

Sima Haigh
  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Amanda Swets Felix

I was a walk-in for a Tragus piercing. Chris was so polite and professional. Very easy to talk to and honestly calmed my nerves down. He explained every step of the way. Didnít get annoyed when I asked questions. The gal at the front counter was great as well!! Super clean and chill environment! Was the BEST experience!! Would for sure come back for anything!!!

LV Tattoo
  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Cathy Short

I canít even explain how wonderful the people at this place was to my friend and IÖ We were walk ins from ND and they made us feel so comfortable!!!! Definitely a place to go to for the most amazing staff and the most amazing tattoo artists!

LV Tattoo
  • LV Tattoo customer reviews by: Tracy Ellis

My Husband and I visited in Jan 2018. Bill was my artist and he was fantastic. He gave me some great recommendations on switching my font idea based on my tattoo. It was very thoughtful and saved me from future regret. He was extremely professional. I have >20 tattoos and he was the most gentle handed Iíve ever experienced. I almost fell asleep, I was so relaxed. The shop was professional and clean. I have to admit I was hesitant to go in since it seemed so cliche from the outside. Iím glad I did. Months later and the ink healed nice and bright.

LV Tattoo