About Us

LV Tattoo is the one of top tattoo shops in the United States, offering unparalleled customer service alongside tattoos and piercings done by some of the finest experts in their fields. We are also the first and only tattoo shop on the Fremont Street Experience, and our second story view of the First Street Stage gives a totally unique look at all of the free concerts on the stage, and and eye level view to the dynamic Zoom Line. We also offer a full line of merchandise and souvenirs to satisfy even the pickiest customers, as well as world-famous tattoo art you can purchase as well.


My tattoo was a random last minute idea, but Brian got me in and took great care of me. And wasn't put out that I made him print it smaller multiple times! The coworkers were also very nice and put up with my crazy group of hairdresser friends! I love my tattoo and so does everyone else when they see it!!!

Alexis C

Awesome people!! Great tattoos! Highly recommend!

Crystal K.

Great crew very welcoming and open to help you pick what you need.

Dave R.

LV tattoo shop, Lil Justin, and Hannah treated us right and made for a great piece and memory . Thank you very much!!!!

Jared P

Big thanks to Bumper for that awesome tattoo... I would highly recommend LV Tattoo. Great shop,staff was super helpful. Can't wait to come back for another one in a few months...

Matthew M.

Thanks Jerimiah for the awesome ink..your not only an incredible artist but also an amazing person! Thanks for keeping dave and I entertained as you worked. We will definitely be back to see you. Good luck with your coming baby!

Nancy D.

They are great! We had Jeremiah and Kat, loved them both. Loves joking around with Matt as well, he is why we came back after we originally scoped the joint out. We had to see if it was a seedy place. Lol! They are great! We'll be back

Shannon C.